John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice is located to the west of Cracow, 11 km from the city centre. More information: Airport in Kraków-Balice,

Four independent roads lead to the airport from the centre of Cracow as well as the direct access via A4 highway.  

To the airport you can get by buses of the Municipal Transport Company in Cracow (MPK S.A.). 
- no. 292 (from the bus stop by the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University via, among others, the following bus stops: The Kraków Central station, Nowy Kleparz, Cracovia to Balice; ca. 50 minutes) 
- no. 208 (from the bus stop “Bronowice Małe” via, among others, the following bus stops: Mydlniki, Podkamycze, Szczyglice to Balice; travel time: ca. 20 minutes). The final bus stop is located directly in front of the passengers terminal. 
The timetables of these buses are available on:
Bus tickets  may be purchased among others in the kiosks and other points of sale, in ticket vending machines, in mobile ticket machines mounted inside the buses and from a bus driver.

Transportation connections – Balice airport is also serviced by high – speed rail Koleje Małopolskie Sp. z o. o. (travel time: ca. 17 minutes, tickets may be purchased on the train); 

The Kraków Central railway station - Kraków Airport 

Kraków Airport - The Kraków Central railway station - Wieliczka


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