Enjoy the journey… among the rural flavours of Małopolska

fields with trees in several places
Who among us doesn’t feel warm and nostalgic when recalling holidays spent at grandma's in the countryside? The smell of hay, field flowers, carefree games from dawn to dusk, spontaneous joy and carefree spirit, and the taste of traditional homemade cakes, dishes and preserves. It would be impossible to not remember these unmistakable aromas. We often look for them during trips to the countryside and holidays but don’t always manage to find them, and some of them are rather rare indeed. However, if you embark on a culinary adventure in the idyllic Małopolska Region, you have a great chance to take a sentimental journey into the past.

Flavours of childhood

The sweetness of homemade jams, the freshness of fruit picked in the garden, sour cream that could be cut with a knife, delicate cottage cheese warmed in the oven, bread with a crunchy crust on which grandma always made the sign of the cross, butter whipped up in a butter churn – these are culinary memories that are hard to recreate today. Out of convenience and habit, every day we shop for and eat mass-produced and processed foods. However, summer travel can become an excellent opportunity for a great culinary trip into the past if you stay in places where hospitable hosts make dreams of visiting grandma's kitchen a reality. When choosing a place to stay, the best thing to do would be to select agritourism and organic farms in Małopolska. Their offer is vibrant and varied. For sure, there is something for everyone.

Holiday in agritourism

The most attractive locations are in the Beskids and the Tatra Mountains. That is where rural folk traditions have their deepest and most enduring roots. However, in every corner of the Małopolska Region, you can find unusual places with a unique atmosphere. The hospitable hosts will welcome you in comfort and guarantee an extremely warm, homely atmosphere and treat you to carefully prepared specialties. The thematic offers of the individual locations are also interesting. Some offer different types of workshops, others offer the possibility of horse riding or facilities for active tourists, and others make special efforts to ensure the maximum of comfort and relaxation during a holiday in the peace and quiet of idyllic nature. It is the same with cuisine; some farms specialise in bee-keeping, others in growing herbs, cheese-making, vegetable or fruit producing. In the Małopolska Region, you will easily find agritourism farms specialising in every field of agriculture, often organic and meeting demanding environmental standards. Thanks to this, you can experience authentic, natural flavours. Hosts are ever-more inclined to ensure that their places teem with life according to the God-given rhythms of nature. They treat their guests to water from a spring or domestic well, and the lawns around buildings are allowed to populate themselves with wildflowers that become a natural habitat for bees, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. The hosts use natural detergents and building materials – all so that we can feel closer to nature. The basis, however, is always local homemade food, their products of their own handiwork or those obtained 'from a neighbour'. It guarantees freshness, a unique taste, and a reduced carbon footprint due, for example, to having no need to rely on motorised transport.

Where to look for recommendations?

First, check out the tourists' recommendations – the winners and honourable mentions in the Idyllic Landscapes – Rural Recreation category of the Tourist Treasures of Małopolska competition. Twelve interesting and popular facilities, including agritourism farms, family guesthouses and intimate hotels, have already been awarded and distinguished.  

Second, check out the categorisation and recommendation of agritourism farms by the Polish Federation of Rural Tourism. Using the portal, you will easily find a place that meets your expectations regarding location and offer. 

Also, take some time reviewing Dominika Zaręba's recommendations in the guidebook Małopolska in the eco rhythm. You will find places where nature is not indifferent, and you can become an eco-tourist.

It is worth choosing consciously, especially as Małopolska has much to offer. Travel sentimentally, seeking the natural flavours of your childhood. Do it in Małopolska!


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