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Babia Góra Jana Pawła II

Mount Babia and its vicinity

Góry porośnięte lasem i górująca nad nimi Babia Góra
Organiser: Babiogórski Park Narodowy
The Babia Góra mountain and its neighbouring lower peaks were one of frequent destinations of Karol Wojtyła's (future Pope John Paul II) mountain tours.
On the highest peak of Babia Góra, known as Diablak (1725 m), there is a monument erected in 1996 by the Slovaks to commemorate the pilgrimage of John Paul II to Slovakia. Just below the peak, in the crevice, the Volunteer Mountain Rescued Service (GOPR) rescuers placed a statue of the Mother of God (together with a commemorative plaque) as a votive offering for saving the Pope during the 1981 assassination attempt. Wanderers climbing the mountain can stay in the modern PTTK hostel in Markowe Szczawiny. The Babia Góra massif is adjacent to the Polica Range, through which – from the church in Skawica, near the PTTK hostel on Hala Krupowa and the peak of Polica (1367 m above sea level) to the Krowiarka pass – the Trail of the "Last Trip" leads. Its name commemorates the hiking that Cardinal Wojtyła made with priest Stanisław Dziwisz in 1978 just before leaving for the conclave in Rome.

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