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Ruiny zamku Wronin Czorsztyn

Czorsztyn – ruins of the Wronin Castle

Widok na wzgórze z zamkiem w Czorsztynie, Tatrami w tle i fragmentem Jeziora Czorsztyńskiego.
Czorsztyn Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz
tel. +48 535500627
In 1651, while Polish troops fought against the hosts of Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s Cossacks, the border fortress in Czorsztyn was attacked and captured by Kostka Napierski.
This adventurer, paid by the Cossack hetman, was tasked with causing chaos and diverting some of the Polish forces. However, Czorsztyn was retaken by troops sent by the Bishop of Krakow, and Napierski, who was captured, was sentenced to a horrifying death by impalement. The history of Kostka Napierski’s rebellion is the best-known event in the long history of the Wronin castle in Czorsztyn. The brick fortress, which was erected here, replaced the earlier castle in the 14th century. The fortress guarded the border with Hungary and the crossing through the Dunajec River. Today, the castle is a permanent ruin, and several of its reconstructed halls host a small historical and archaeological exhibition. The mirror surface of a man-made reservoir, which reflects the image of picturesque mountains, makes the place more charming.