Silver journeys around Małopolska – naturally!

An elderly woman sitting by the fountain in Wysowa Zdrój with a special mineral water cup in her hand.
The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to travel around Małopolska without crowds, at a calm, unhurried pace, in moderate temperatures, but still under a sunny sky. This is the perfect time for shorter and longer trips for seniors who want to relax in the bosom of nature without the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We will advise you on where to spend your time actively and interestingly and how to organise an autumn trip for yourself and your friends.

The stereotypical image of a retiree, grandfather or grandmother has long become a thing of the past. Today, people who have brought their professional lives to a close are nevertheless often very active people, full of zest for life and in great shape, and they treat their retirement only as a chance to fulfil their dreams, enjoy life to the fullest and implement travel plans for which they previously had no time. Full of spirit, relieved of burdensome duties, and with plenty of free time, today’s seniors are in search of new places to explore and where they can relax. Małopolska is open to their needs, and offers seniors enormous opportunities. We are here to advise you on where to go and how best to prepare well for your trip!

Financial constraints, i.e. a tight budget, often present obstacles to planning a trip. Nonetheless, you don't need to go far; look around to find interesting, worth-visiting places where you can go Nordic walking or a hike along a forest path, both of which seniors love. Tourist attractions, guesthouses and hotels often have special offers for seniors, which are worth taking advantage of to optimise costs. 

It is worth choosing places that are also physically accessible to older people. When organising a group trip, it is always important to consider the needs of the most vulnerable person so that they do not feel uncomfortable and the journey is enjoyable for for everybody. It is necessary to choose the best season, so that the climate and weather are not too harsh and the temperatures are neither too high nor too low. The ideal time is autumn and spring. 

The destination should also be chosen carefully to suit the expectations of all tour participants. Not every senior dreams of a quiet holiday in the countryside, many people look for opportunities for fun, entertainment, or physical activity. However, there are many places in Małopolska that can easily fulfil different expectations and tastes. 

For people looking for peace in valleys, hills, and thick forests, Małopolska’s national parks will be perfect, especially those located in undemanding terrain with high elevations. A good direction will be the Ojców National Park, the Magura National Park, the Gorce Mountains, or the Pieniny Mountains, where the routes are not as demanding as, e.g., in the Tatra Mountains. They are perfect for leisurely hikes and walks with Nordic poles. At the same time, the captivating, untouched nature provides respite for the body and mind. 

Rest and relaxation in the fresh air can also be combined with spiritual development, and the trip route can be combined with a pilgrimage route. It is worth following the Trail of John Paul II starting from Wadowice, walking along the Kalwaria Paths, relaxing in the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec or following the Wooden Architecture Route to admire the charming churches and churches. 

The numerous health resorts in Lesser Poland are an ideal destination for seniors. Krynica, Szczawnica, Piwniczna, Wysowa, Rabka Zdrój and other spa towns attract not only with waters that can support the treatment of many diseases, sanatoriums with a wide range of treatments, beautiful surroundings and clean air but, above all, a cultural and entertainment offer addressed to mature people. The healing and revitalising power of water, the company of interesting people, and various forms of entertainment enable us to regain the joy of life, and seniors often experience their second youth. 

Even if a budget limits travel options, it is worth looking around for areas where you can actively relax. Numerous landscape parks, protected areas and beautiful cities and towns in Małopolska allow you to discover new places without organising longer trips. 

Approximately one of every five tourists visiting Małopolska is a senior citizen, so their needs are quite noticeable. There is no shortage of dedicated offers and various tourist activities designed with seniors in mind. We recommend looking on and on the mobile application for inspiration for trips no matter what their length, long as well as short. Happy travels!  



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