Anna’s cycling routes

Kobieta w stroju sportowym i kasku na głowie na rowerze w lesie - zdjęcie portretowe.
Whoever is a fan of bicycle trips has to check the routes suggested by Ania Szafraniec (professional mountain biker and award winner). In her free time, she loves cycling and exploring the Małopolska region. She used to be a professional sportswoman, now she’s rather cycling for recreation. Ania will invite you to check her favourite cycling routes, which vary in the degrees of difficulty, and are available not only to those who enjoy a strong experience, but also to families with children. See it by yourself!


Do you want to go on a bike trip with Ania Szafraniec? There’s your chance! You’ll see routes that take you straight to the most interesting places in of Myślenice. Admire the beautiful natural surroundings with Ania! You will also find out what the Independence Museum in Myślenice has to offer.


Or maybe you fancy having fun on some crazy cycling route? The black route to Kudłacze the PTTK shelter on Kudłacze are waiting. See how Ania Szafraniec has dealt with it. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find useful her advice on what to do when there is an unexpected situation on the trail. It’s therefore worth listening to her advice on cycling tours. 


Babia Góra Trails

Looking for new cycling challenges? Sometimes downhill, sometimes not – this is what the Babia Góra Trails route looks like. Ride downhill between trees with Ania and see what’s waiting for you and what more can you expect on this route full of single-tracks and gravel roads.

You can find other suggestions by Ania at

We also advise fans of two wheels to visit the website. It features maps of the region’s routes and trails (on-line and for self-printing), examples of family trips with children, proposals for asphalt-only routes for the amateur, suggestions for trips with different levels of difficulty beyond the “paved roads” (with gpx tracks to download), trips in “eco rhythm”; recommended cycling routes (passable and tagged, with gpx trail to download), information on bikeparks and pumptracks available in the region, information on the VeloMałopolska project and the state of completion of the individual routes.

But that’s not all that we have for you! If you’re travelling with your family, see the favourite places of the Mazurek family. Whoever is looking for amazing landscapes and places with soul is invited to explore the Małopolska region together with guide Ania. Whoever is looking for regional delicacies is invited to check the tasty discoveries made by Maja and Bartosz. Jasiek (a guide from Tatras) will guide you through hidden trails and will tell you what the meeting with nature can bring.

The regional tourist portal provides additional inspiration for travelling in the Małopolska region. It offers, among others, attractions for children, the regional winter offer and much more.

Do you like to travel outside the well-known routes and always look for local treasures? Share your discoveries and become the Ambassador of the Małopolska region. Enter the website, add some suggestions for places to be seen, the flavours to try and the sounds to be heard. Let others experience the Małopolska region with all the senses. Show it the way you know it – help others to rediscover what you think is already discovered and known for a long time.

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