People of the Water Festival

People of the Water Festival

Jezioro Rożnowskie
Poles have the soul of a discoverer. Apart from well-known Himalayan mountaineers, there are many persons who made their conquests on or under the water. You can listen to their stories during the first edition of the People of the Water Festival, which will take place in the Valley of the Dunajec River by the Rożnowskie Lake from 13th till 15th September 2019.

Only water legends will take the floor. Aleksander Doba will tell us how he sailed across the Atlantic on his Olo kayak three times. Captain Jerzy Radomski will share his best adventures from his 32-year-long cruise – the longest one in the history of Poland. And we will hear from Krzysztof Starnawski – the most famous Polish diver – how to discover the deepest flooded cave in the world. We will also embark on a journey across four Arctic seas with Monika Witkowska – the first woman in the world who reached Chukotka in this way.

We will also look for “spirit bears”, but in quite an unusual manner: by kayak along the western coast of Canada. Kamila Kielar, the winner of this year's Kolos Award, will tell us about that. There will be more oceanic tales. Maciej Badziak, the author of the blog ‘Autostopem dookoła świata’ [‘Hitchhiking Around the World’], will tell us how to sail across two oceans by yacht hitchhiking, and Paweł Kepa will take everyone on a boat race around the world.

We will also travel to the wildest corners of the world, but we will get to know them from the perspective of the river. Apart from that, we will sail on the Congo River in a pontoon with Dominik Szmajda, and we will accompany Emil Witt in his wild expedition on a raft through Amazonia. We will also hear how to sail across mountain rivers and go down waterfalls. We will learn this from Zbigniew Malinowski and Jakub Poburka.

Inspiring stories are not everything. The participants can take part in numerous workshops. You can try your hand in sailing, white-water canoeing, packrafting, bikerafting, diving, basic water rescue and survival workshops and keep your strength up at a morning yoga exercise. But that is not all – we will also learn how to build a raft from car inner tubes. During the festival, kayaks, boats and packrafts will be at the participants’ disposal.

After fruitful lessons, there will be time for fun! Michał Zieleń will take care of this during the shanty song concert, which will be followed by the Pirate’s Ball. As befits People of the Water, the Party Boat will also be held on the Rożnowskie Lake.

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